Are stairs deadly?

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Now I have a question for you: Are stairs deadly? Stairs are familiar to most of us and stairs are everywhere. Step by step we go from floor to floor.
Stairs belong to our everyday life. But what do we know about the evil side of stairs?

I am seriously asking you this question because the popularity of stairs is going downhill. Well, most of us – choose the elevator and not the stairway. Even escalotors seem to be more popular than stairs. So, what’s wrong with stairs?

The evil side of stairs

Currently, more people die in accidents on stairs than on the road. Espacially old people are affected. Often ignored safety aspects in the design of stairs are the reason for those tragic accidents. So, are stairs dangerous or even deadly?

Hopefully not for healthy people like you and me. We could manage stair climbing without problems. Research has shown us that stair climbing offers us benefical advantages for our health. Taking the steps burns nine times more calories than standing on an escalator. It’s good for our breathing system and trains our body fitness. Well, and stair climbing is even environmentally friendly.

So, yes, we must be aware of badly designed steps espacially if you are looking down on your smartphone while walking. Wrapping it all up, stairs can give us so much more:

• A free fitness training everyday
• and a healthy enviroment.

So, what way will you choose next time?

Prevention Slam 2019

„Are stairs deadly?“ is originally a science slam by Kathrin Rosi Würtz. The topic was presented in a humorous and at the same time serious way on the occasion of the „Prevention Slam by Basi“ competition in order to draw attention to the health benefits of climbing stairs.

The recording of the science slam „Are steps deadly? (in German) can be viewed on YouTube. More blog posts on this topic:

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